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"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."

-M. Ali

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Saudi Update – August 2017

Hey Sandy Readers,   Here’s whats up. I’ve got 285 days left in my current contract (Who’s counting!?) here in Riyadh and I’m really looking forward to the next 10 months. Some new and exciting things are happening here in Riyadh: Everyone is leaving! That’s right, Saudization is in full swing and it’s pretty obvious …

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What’s This All About, Anyway?

After a month away from Saudi and I’ve never felt more like myself. Never has a month been more fulfilling. From kicking the soccer ball around with my brother at the nearby park, or my Dad’s backyard, to drinking beer and eating like kings on the back porch on a perfect Pennsylvania summer evening, to …

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A Small Miracle

The night is over. The extra shift, the king shift, the twenty third shift, is done. The whole night shift was going smooth until the last hour, when a combination of laziness, incompetence, and plain stupidity were all on display in full force. Ignorance is bliss they say and I wish sometimes I could just …

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Hi, I’m Addicted to My Cell Phone

Hey everyone, Just wanted to share a thought on something that happened recently that we all can relate to… well, at least those who have smartphones, which should be pretty much everyone by now. Just a little back story, my first cell phone arrived somewhere in 2006 once I got my driver’s license. Since then …

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Nowhere To Go And All Day To Get There

Coming at you with another post from the sand pit, I have to say I’m fresh off a very fulfilling motorcycle excursion through some fantastic parts of Sri Lanka. The country was never really on my radar until I heard from lots of folks I work with how lovely it is. Being only a direct …

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Technology and Traveling

It’s impossible to live in the modern world without technology assisting you in some way. I mean it, there is no way you can possibly do the things you need to do without technology assisting, or as some see it, interfering. The evolution of phones for example from landlines to mobile and eventually flip to …

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Burton-on-Trent and Liverpool

Leaving Riyadh for the sixth time now since my arrival here in June 2015, this was the longest I was going to be away. I would meet my brother in London and we would be living out of backpacks for the next 26 days as we made our way from England to Morocco. First time …

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A Journey – In Pictures

  Scroll down for a preview of my brother and I’s trip that took us from Liverpool to Normandy and Barcelona to Morocco! Enjoy ūüôā Omaha Beach.     For more pictures check out my Flickr page by clicking here!      

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Lee Ho! Jibing in the Med

After over 90 days of work, work, working, it’s almost more appropriate to call the ICU my home than my actual apartment. I watched as the days to my next leave dwindled down to mere hours and I could barely contain my joy as I watched the desert shrink outside the plane’s window. A short …

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21 Years Ago, 21 Years Ahead.

New Jersey, USA June 1995 The sandbox lie in the shade against the house, providing some relief from the sweltering hot summer day. Howard poured a bucket of water near one corner so he could start molding the sand into a small castle. He carefully edged the top of the walls to create the staggered …

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Dates and Laban – A Noob’s Guide to Fasting for Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem, Ramadan Mubarak! It’s officially Ramadan and I must say this time around I’m much more prepared. A year ago this time, I was fresh off the plane from America and Ramadan to me was nothing more than a month of stores closed down during the day, less people and traffic in the city, …

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A Trip Through Rural Nepal

With some simple directions penned out on a small notepad, I double-checked my Jerry-rigged sleeping bag/backpack combo before slinging my mid-size hand-luggage case over my shoulder and heading out the door.¬†As I¬†stepped out onto the¬†deck, I was greeted by¬†a gentle sun, hip-hop, and hash smoke.¬†Before me were two Nepali’s, boy and girl, enjoying some breakfast …

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